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Window washing

Our window cleaning will leave your windows crystal clear, for longer.

  • We go the extra effort before and after the application of soap and water to ensure you can get the most out of your view.
  • We clear and scrub cobwebs and debris from the glass and surrounding window. Any fly screens are then removed and thoroughly cleaned.
  • We use a microfiber applicator to brush and polish the glass with the application of soap and water.
  • Residual water and soap is cleared using professional-grade squeegee rubber blades so that the dried glass is perfectly clear and streak-free!


Windows can get smudged quite quickly. And this can look especially bad if you have a lot of glass around. For example, entrance doorways, it will be noticeable for your visitors and even your good acquaintances will be put off by streaks and fingerprints on a common surface. Do not take chances of losing your reputation because of these minor things.


Professional cleaners will ensure that your windows and glass areas are free of smudges dirt and streak.



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