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Welcome to the site of One-Net Services, your cleaning company in Rhode-Saint-Genèse.


We offer you exceptionally high quality service for all your household tasks. Our team consists of very professional, highly trusted people, and more and more customers are appealing to our services: currently there are more than one thousand of them!


One-Net Services is an approved service voucher company. Our experience is supported by the know-how of our household aides, specially selected for you.


We will make your life easier by taking care of your tasks at home such as cleaning, ironing, preparing meals, doing local shopping …

In addition, One-Net Services allows you to benefit from a tax reduction of 30% on each hour of service provided, thanks to the advantageous service of the voucher system.

You will find more information about the rates, the service vouchers and the payment procedure on our Information page.


Household tasks paid for by service vouchers = 6.30 € per hour.

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