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Our meal cooking service includes:

  • Creating meal plans
  • Preparing food for cooking
  • Cooking or reheating meals
  • Doing the dishes
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen


Meal delivery might not always be the right or convenient choice. If you or those you care about have specific health needs, or you plan a special occasion, or just lack time for cooking – meal preparation service is a good way to solve your problems.

What Is Meal Preparation?

In general, meal preparation services involve having a professional chef come to a client's home to prepare and cook food in the home. We can work with clients to create an appropriate meal plan, considering all dietary restrictions, and can take care of tasks like grocery shopping and cleaning as part of the service. Often, our clients can choose how involved they want to be in the planning, preparation, and cooking process.

Professional cooking at home has its benefits, like safety and proper nutrition.

Taking each client's needs into consideration, our meal cooking service includes:

Creating meal plans. Working with clients, we can create meal plans that they will actually want to eat while making sure their meals are appropriate for their dietary needs.

Going grocery shopping. We can take care of the work of walking through grocery stores and handling potentially heavy items.

Preparing food for cooking. We can prepare food to cook immediately or get ingredients ready for later. We can also prepare healthy snack items for clients in advance. For example: cutting vegetables and fruits or creating portioned containers of crackers and cheese.

Cooking or reheating meals: Cooking can be dangerous for some senior clients, so we take care of it as part of our meal preparation service. Of course, whenever clients want to be involved in cooking their own meals, we work alongside them in the kitchen.

Doing the dishes. We take care of this after preparing and cooking meals.

Cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen: To protect our clients we carefully clean and disinfect their kitchen so it's ready for the next meal.


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